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Expert installation is the key to a great looking exterior of your home. Our experienced crews at All American Exteriors know this and work to make every home look as great as the materials that are selected for installation. At All American Exteriors we treat each installation as though it were being installed on our own home. You can expect quality products and expert workmanship on every project we take on.

Different Types of Home Siding Options

There are a number of siding products offered  for your home while making sure to choose a siding that will fit your project or design the best. If you need help making the decision, All American Exteriors professional staff will assist with experience to help you make the best decision for your home’s function and appearance. Below are the most common siding material options. Please know that there are also many styles to help further customize your choice.

Siding Materials—Weighing Your Options

Wood Siding

As for any ongoing maintenance for any siding materials, wood siding needs to be painted to be weather proofed and sealed. If it is not painted, wood siding will succumb to the negative effects caused by moisture related issues. If you need to clean your siding for any reason, pre-treat with bleach or a vinegar based solution, then wash with a mild soap or detergent. If you have any significant stains, these can be removed with a light sanding and paint touch up. Since wood siding is lumber, it can easily be recycled which makes wood siding a great choice when “going green”. 

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most widely available and affordable home siding options. The durability of vinyl siding makes it a great long term, economical choice, commonly offered with a lifetime manufacturers warranty.  A few advantages about choosing vinyl siding is that when it is damaged, which doesn’t often happen, the entire section, most of the time, vinyl materials will be replaced based on manufacturers warranty unlike other siding choices. Also, in some parts of the US,  vinyl siding is much more limited in colors due to climate restrictions based on US Climate zones.Vinyl materials are not supposed to painted for any reason. These are only minor draw backs, however, and for many people the benefits far out weight the minor disadvantages.

When considering the maintenance of vinyl siding, it is easily cleaned with some soap and water, and low pressure power washing. Going Green: Vinyl siding has become very popular because it is made out of recycled products. This is the “green” choice if you are looking for home siding.

Steel Siding

Over the years, steel siding has become a great alternative to wood and vinyl siding products. It is very low maintenance and comes in a broad range of styles and textures. Steel siding has become more popular over the years on newer homes. But even though it has grown in popularity, there are a few considerations when choosing steel siding. Some of the pre-finished steel siding has been known to fade or wear over time. Because of this, manufacturers are now offering vinyl coated steel siding in a variety of colors. One of the minor draw backs with steel siding is that it can be dented.

It’s greatest benefit is that it is low maintenance, in fact it is so low maintenance that the vinyl coated siding normally comes with a 35 year warranty.

Fiber Cement / Composite Siding

As we know it today, fiber cement, or strand siding, was developed in the 1980′s by James Hardie which is why it is also commonly known as “Hardie Plank Board”. We utilize both Hardie Board and Ascend products, and both are a combination of cellulose fiberous composite materials and produced in many different styles. The durability of composite siding materials is
incredible. Most warranties on composite siding are offered by manufacturers warranty on the siding itself. In addition to the durable nature of composite materials, it can also easily mimic other sidings for a more traditional look including wood siding and even stucco.


Fiber Cement/Strand Siding

Stucco siding makes for an incredibly durable exterior. In most instances where we install stucco, there is also an addition of foam board insulation which helps to increase energy efficiency. Stucco can be applied in a vast array of colors in order to fit your exterior perfectly.

LP SmartSide the Wood Siding Alternative

Wood Siding is a lightweight and easy to install solution to home siding. Wood siding can come either already painted or pre-primed and awaiting the perfect coat of paint for your home. With advances in technology, LP SmartSide has become very popular alternative to wood siding. Giving the look of traditional wood siding but with the work ability and protection of engineered wood products. LP SmartSide protect against fungal decay and termites with greater strength and protection than traditional wood. Using wood siding makes your home more customizeable in terms of color. Many of the other siding options don’t allow, or discourage homeowners from painting it. Wood does not have any of those limitations. Over the years, wood siding has become more refined and is now more resistant to insect damage, and also uses less lumber to accomplish the same function.

Different Siding Styles

Lap Siding

This is the most popular siding in the US. Most commonly characterized being horizontal facing siding that looks as if it is stacked or “lapped” onto itself. There are many different customizable options that make this siding easily fit your home’s aesthetics.

Board and Batten Siding

A very traditional look for a home, these are vertical facing panels that wrap the home. Board and Batten was designed to mimic the look of traditional buildings and barns that used battens to fill the gaps or seams that were created between each vertical board.

Shingle Siding

This is siding that is also frequently called “shake siding”. They are typically available in vinyl, wood, fiber and cement, and are customizable through size shape and color.

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